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Creating a truly consumer-centric care delivery model

New services focused on the needs of our consumers

In-person care

Hands-on care is vital to successful health outcomes, including its seamless integration with virtual care. Our physical presence, collection of assets, digital tools, and strong consumer trust in our brand uniquely position us closest to the consumer to address their health needs holistically.

In-home care

Home care represents a significant opportunity. We are uniquely positioned to integrate our existing capabilities – along with new products and services – to create a new ecosystem: enabling the home as a new, technology- enabled site of care.

Virtual care

The future of health will be digitally led. Digital engagement drives better outcomes for the consumer and our business. In 2021, we extended our virtual care capabilities with the launch of our nationwide Virtual First Primary Care product. We also completed 19 million virtual visits across CVS and Aetna, including 10 million virtual behavioral health sessions, during the year.



nurse practitioners and physician
assistants currently employed

40 million

unique digital customers

19 million

virtual visits across CVS and Aetna in 2021, including 10 million behavioral health visits

Comprehensive primary care services

We are expanding on our primary care services to fill gaps in a health system that is expensive, inconvenient, and fragmented. Primary care is the first point of entry into the health system and significantly influences health care utilization.

Our holistic, next-generation primary care model will employ a multidisciplinary team approach to support patients across clinic, home, and virtual access points. A comprehensive, relationship-based, omnichannel model will allow us to better meet the needs of patients and providers, while our community locations – both HealthHUBs and convenient pharmacies – will play a key role in supporting this care. HealthHUBs will extend primary care for specific lower risk use cases, allowing us to significantly expand our patient panel size and lower costs. Our pharmacies will leverage existing touchpoints to provide ancillary and complementary services like Next Best Actions (NBAs) and medication adherence programs.

Treating the whole person – the physical, emotional, social, and economic – leads to better outcomes and maximizes our relationship with the consumer for lifetime value.

Removing barriers to care with a digital-first consumer experience

Our vision for a seamless connected experience across all our assets comes together at CVS.com, where consumers can find one-stop solutions for their health care journey. CVS.com is one of the top health sites in the U.S. with more than 2 billion visits in 2021, up nearly 55 percent over the prior year. We now serve 40 million unique digital consumers, up approximately 10 percent in the last six months of 2021 alone.

We continue to add new digital capabilities at an aggressive pace and invest in emerging technologies to power differentiated consumer experiences and optimize our cost structure.

Comprehensive primary care services focused on the needs of seniors and caregivers

Designing with a consumer focus to remove physical barriers to care

Unparalleled health care

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Guided by seasoned leaders and empowered by unparalleled health care assets, we have the ability to reshape how consumers experience health care.

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